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A valid scholarly topic exploration and its submission in form of a thesis are a traditional part of final assessment of student’s educational journey. Hence creating a thesis of decent quality is a number one task for any undergraduate working towards a degree. Yet the long path of thesis writing, i.e. accurate shaping of constituent parts of the final project, meaning ‘literature review’ or ‘gaps in existing studies in the chosen field’, etc., is challenging and complicated. To crown it all, the well-shaped content does influence the final grade, yet formatting and technical part of writing are of equal importance.

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Some Hints On Structuring And Editing A Large Academic Project

Before you start drafting or undertake final thesis writing, find time to study requirements and other helpful materials provided by your professor. A thesis is a highly formalized piece of work, so it is not required to wreck your brains on its structure. Pay most attention to finding necessary scholarly sources, collecting empirical data and processing it by means of statistical software (if you deal with quantitative thesis). With the prepared material at hand, shaping main parts of your final work will look not so gloomy.

  1. Map the plan of the project in writing and see what related fields can be explored to enrich each portion of research.
  2. Complete the thesis parts in free order and work on the part you feel ready to tackle. You will put them together later. Do not hesitate to jot down any thoughts you arrive at and then weave them into your report as you move on with writing.
  3. Write the intro after the thesis is drafted. You will see how fast you will arrive at the wording you need.

Your tutor/instructor will ask you to bring ready portions for reviewing, so use the feedback and fix the flaws while at the draft stage.  The final version should bear no logical gaps or mistakes or feature spelling or grammar errors. Everything has to be double proof-read and spotless to meet the standards and/or policies of your alma mater.

Thesis Writing in Portions

It is also permissible to order creation or proof-reading of separate parts of your thesis. Just provide us with instructions and requirements in advance and wait for the superb piece of scholarly work being delivered conveniently to you right in time.