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Earning a good final grade in any course involves plenty of factors, attendance and tests covering roughly a half of the grade. Participation in peer discussions, creation of a range of essays, research and response projects deliver the rest of points comprising the grade and they usually consume more students’ time and diligence than one may suppose. If class participation and responses to readings are quite understandable components of work, then research assignment is a nightmare that mars the sleep of many a student of Humanities as well as technical sciences.

Professors delivering lectures and classes in their chosen subjects are quite learned in the topics they cover; besides, they have records of more than ample practice in devising and presenting high class researches. That explains the tender love the professors nurture towards this kind of task. Besides, it also clarifies why even following the detailed guideline on paper drafting provided by instructors, students struggle and arrive at rather disappointing satisfactory marks, although they demonstrate high degree of interest and success in mastering the course material in quizzes and tests. To put it simpler, planning and creating a good paper involves not only subject proficiency it asks for a talent and a certain pattern of mind work in general.

Is The Situation So Hopeless?

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